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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Lesson #10 "Until The Cows Come Home"

This phrase indicates "a long time!"


In the southern rural portion of the United States where families had cows, they would turn them loose to graze and the cows would be gone all day. At evening time the cows would come home.

When a person uses this phrase, they are indicating in the sentence that someone is doing something that they will continue to do for a relatively long time. Consider the examples below:

1. Serious basketball players will practice basketball "until the cows come home!"

2. When a comedian "get on a roll" (get a momentum in joke telling) they will have you laughing "until the cows come home!"

3. Some people will argue with you "until the cows come home!"

As you can see from the example sentences, using this idiom is communicating that someone will do something for a relatively long time, not necessarily literally, but figuratively. This phrase is commonly used in American daily life and the person listening will understand exactly what is meant, now you will too!

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